Wilson Worley Attorneys Obtain Favorable Verdict in Auto Injury Case

Wilson Worley shareholder, Steve Huret, and associate, Katie Steffen, recently obtained a favorable verdict on behalf of their client, who was the defendant in an automobile injury lawsuit.  The lawsuit was tried before a jury in one (1) day in Sullivan County Circuit Court.  The defendant admitted fault for the car wreck, but she died during the pendency of the lawsuit.  The defendant’s daughter, who is the executrix of the defendant’s estate, was substituted as the named defendant.  The plaintiff driver alleged that the accident left her with residual neck pain that eventually evolved into numbness and tingling sensations that travel from her neck down her arms and into her fingers.  The plaintiff driver alleged that her neck injury, and associated symptoms, were permanent and forced her into early retirement from her $40,000 per year healthcare job.  The plaintiff driver and her husband, who joined her as a loss of consortium plaintiff, presented proof of past and future economic damages that totaled approximately $585,000.  The plaintiff driver also sought non-economic damages for pain and suffering (past and future), loss of enjoyment of life (past and future), and permanent injury, while her husband sought unspecified damages for loss of spousal consortium.  As a strategy, the plaintiffs demanded $250,000 from the jury during closing arguments.  After deliberations of less than two (2) hours, the jury returned a verdict for only the plaintiff driver of $1,000 for past pain and suffering plus her expenses.