Divorce / Family Law

Wison Worley offers attentive service in such family law matters as the following:
  • Divorce;
  • Property division problems;
  • Child custody and Parenting Plan issues;
  • Child support;
  • Mediation of domestic matters;
  • Adoption;
  • Guardianship of children.

Experience, good judgment and personal attention are important for providing outstanding client service in divorce and other family law problems.  Wilson Worley furnishes attorneys meeting those qualifications, who serve our clients with genuine individual attention.  Applicable laws are complex.  Additionally, parties’ emotional reactions may interfere with their objective understanding of the legal consequences and practical problems confronting them.  Frequently, the separate rights and needs of children must be protected.  Even in a “friendly” divorce the problems of parents living separately build in conflicts to be resolved.  And, adequate evaluation of property rights may necessitate work by our lawyers with accountants, real estate appraisers, and other experts in order to review relevant property and financial information, and to determine and evaluate shared assets such as:

  • Investment Accounts;
  • Pension and Retirement Benefits;
  • Business Assets, such as shares of a closely held coporation;
  • Investment Real Estate;
  • Executive Compensation Benefits.

For these reasons, Wilson Worley attorneys recognize that individual rather than “cookie cutter” attention to family law problems is needed.  Consequently, our fees in divorce and domestic relations matters may not be the least expensive in our area; but it might be difficult to find attorneys providing better value.

Possibilities of reconciliation are always considered, and encouraged where appropriate.  Additionally, even when reconciliation is not appropriate, or is impossible, disputes concerning children’s needs, or property matters, sometimes can be resolved by knowledgeable negotiation or mediation.

Tennessee family law statutes provide detailed procedures concerning resolution of child custody, visitation and support questions, and other issues under required Parenting Plans, all with the goal of protecting the needs and rights of children in ways consistent with the rights, interests and abilities of parents.  Wilson Worley attorneys are knowledgeable in applicable law, and skillful in explaining it.  Additionally, our attorneys are able, because of their constant observation of the courts in action, to know the tendencies of those courts in applying the law to specific factual patterns.  Consequently, our attorneys can assist our clients in predicting what the realistic outcome likely would be on disputed issues.

If reconciliation or settlement is not possible after appropriate exploration, and litigation is necessary, our attorneys are experienced in litigating with whatever level of intensity is necessary to resolve remaining disputes.  And, throughout the course of representing our clients with domestic disputes, attention is given to the individual personal support needed to permit our clients to make sound decisions under what may be quite emotional and difficult circumstances.