Our Firm

Who We Are

Wilson Worley is a general civil practice law firm providing litigation and non-litigation services in upper East Tennessee and southwest Virginia from offices in Kingsport, Tennessee.  We have more than thirty-five employees, including attorneys and support staff, who work together as a team committed to excellence in service. Our combined experience permits us to provide a broad spectrum of legal services promptly and efficiently. We are committed to the highest ethical and professional standards. We are also committed to the use of technology, efficiencies, and innovation, designed to maximize value to our clients.

Our Clientele

From the very beginning, the diversity of our clientele, many with “big league” activities, required us to aspire to “big league” ability.  We think we have succeeded.  We offer our clients, large and small, the same high level of commitment.

Wilson Worley includes among its clients:
  • the area’s largest manufacturer;
  • the area’s largest hospital;
  • the area’s largest credit union;
  • the area’s largest medical group;
  • several regional banks;
  • many other businesses of varied sizes and purposes;
  • hundreds of individuals and families (some for three generations), with myriad needs.

Our Resources

Among our resources for providing efficient and effective service to our clients, we particularly value the following:

  • the knowledge and files accumulated during this firm’s sixty years of existence;
  • an aggregate of over 370 years experience in law practice by our present attorneys;
  • an extensive in-house library of books, journals and periodicals;
  • vast external research resources available through computer facilities;
  • a highly efficient, experienced and dedicated support staff.

Our Staff

Among the greatest assets of Wilson Worley is its highly competent staff of legal assistants, paralegals, and other support personnel.  They are truly integrated into our team and dedicated to the mission and standards of this firm.  Together with our attorneys they constitute what we call our “Wilson Worley Family.”

Of particular value to our clients and to our operation is the length-of-service that is traditional in our support staff.  Twelve of those personnel have been employed by Wilson Worley and the predecessor firms for more than ten years, and seven of those have at least twenty years of service.  Not only is that stability of tenure helpful in increasing their skills and the efficiency of our operation, but it enables them to become personally acquainted with our clients and their needs.  That acquaintance strengthens our staff’s desire and ability to understand and address client matters personally and effectively.

Just as with our attorneys, all our support personnel are committed to keeping confidential all private client information that comes to be within their knowledge.

Our Perspective

Wilson Worley approaches the practice of law from the client’s perspective.  We pursue our clients’ interests first and foremost, seeking to accomplish their goals–to provide solutions to their problems and achieve results conducive to their welfare.  Regardless of their status or prominence, we serve our clients aggressively, promptly, and loyally with skill second to none.  We want to be true counselors and friends.  Our goal is to treat our clients as we would like to be treated.  We recognize that our clients need prompt solutions and that their time is valuable.  Accordingly, we seek to work with them promptly and responsively to minimize the consequences of delay and the cost of legal services.

Our Pledge

We pledge our sincere efforts:

  • to return telephone calls promptly;
  • to arrange convenient times for conferences, even outside usual business hours if reasonably required;
  • to listen carefully to our clients, seeking to understand what is truly important to them;
  • to provide lawyers appropriate to each client’s needs, or to say frankly we can’t;
  •  to discuss in advance the fees for which our services are to be provided, seeking a fair and reasonable basis;
  • to provide both legal knowledge and common sense;
  • to report to our clients all significant developments;
  • to complete each assignment promptly, expeditiously, and as inexpensively as reasonably possible;
  • to bill promptly for services and expenses, in accordance with the agreed basis, by an understandable statement;
  • to keep confidential all private information, both during and after our employment; and
  • to apply the Golden Rule to the best of our ability in all our client dealings.