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Recent Change to Tennessee Statute Governing Retirement and Pension Plans Impacts Divorce Cases

An important change impacting divorce proceedings in Tennessee has been made to the Tennessee statute which governs retirement and pension plans. As of July 1, 2015, T.C.A. § 26-2-105(d)(1) now provides that “a local government that establishes and maintains for its employees a qualified plan, and the qualified plan’s administrator, shall honor claims under a qualified domestic relations order, if …

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Modification of Alimony in Futuro

Parties to divorce proceedings cannot predict the future with greater ability than others.  Despite thoughtful planning, circumstances can change materially. In Tennessee, modification of alimony depends on the type of alimony awarded and on the specific facts of each case.  Three of the four types of alimony may be modified under certain circumstances: alimony in futuro, rehabilitative alimony and transitional …

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