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Liability For Injury Occuring On One’s Property

When is a homeowner or business owner responsible for injuries occurring on his or her property? Like many legal questions the answer is “it depends.” As a general rule the owner is required to exercise reasonable care to maintain the premises in a safe condition for those who come on the property. An owner must correct or warn against any …

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Special Taxation Districts: Use with Care

Business communities looking to improve their infrastructure may consider funding improvements through special taxation districts. These districts go by different names in different states: Special Service Areas, Community Improvement Districts, or—in Tennessee—Central Business Improvement Districts. The basic idea is that property owners create a district and levy a special tax on the properties within the district. The tax revenue is …

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Department of Labor, Administrator’s Interpretation on Worker Classification

The Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor provided recent guidance in determining classification of workers.  The WHD says a business “‘suffers or permits’ an individual to work if, as a matter of economic reality, the individual is dependent on the entity.”  The factors of the economic reality test include: (a) the extent to which the work performed …

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